Low FPS and console twitches
(bad english)Hi all, I have trouble with pcsx2 other v.).When I start emulator it twitch and when i start to play fps 15.When I don't play but on menu fps 50.I can't play Sad( but game is made in 2003.Armored Core 3: Silent Line.

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Will PCSX2 run fast on my computer?
(12-10-2008, 03:20 PM)Will PCSX2 run fast on my computer? Wrote: Will work without compatibility problems, but will run slowly:

AMD Athlon 64 Single Core
AMD Opteron Single Core
AMD Athlon FX Single Core
Intel Pentium IV (4)
Intel Pentium D - Probably works best in this group
Intel Pentium M (Dothan)

As you see, your CPU is old and slow for the emulator.
me need new motherboard, can you give advice?(for intel, and maby socket 775)
I'd recommend one of the following brands:
  • Asus
  • Gigabyte
  • MSI
Not sure what else you're after exactly, but these brand tend to offer OC options (if you're the type).

Here is an example of CPU and motherboard. I wouldn't really want to recommend anything less.

MSI G41M-P26
Intel Pentium E5700
i wouldn't recommend gigabyte at all, every board i've had from them has been problematic in a whole slew of different reasons and their gfx cards aren't much better.

MSI i have no problems with, nor asus.
I've never had a problem with a Gigabyte, although I've only owned/maintained a handful of their mobos. I'm done with EVGA's mobos after the P55V. Their GPUs have been good to me, though.

But, hey-- As you see by my personal choice and recommendation, I'd go for Asus or MSI first.
I like when we can agree. Smile
Well the 4 or so mainboards i have had from them, cover the Athlon XP, Pentium 4 and Athlon 64 era.

The k7 board has a wierd behavior where it freezes if you press the power button to shut it off prior to windows startup, and some odd quirks with its usb.
the P4 board was completely unstable, afaik the northbridge was faulty from the go.
the Athlon64 board was the most amusing. i never did figure out what was its actual problem.

Gigabyte for GFX though, well if you look around amd's and nvidia's boards, you'll find alot of the gigabyte gfx cards having stability issues due to badly configured stock overclocks and with AMD it was a bios voltage issue that they never even resolved on the 5870

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