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Low FPS in DBZ BT3 - Need help
Because frameskipping 2/2 increase fps but when i tried it , it gives the speed which is PS2 actual speed but screen was flickering. I want to use this setting but due to flickering i use frameskipping 1/2 which also boost speed. If know how to fix this flickering problem please tell me because frameskipping 1/2 makes harder to play.

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Frameskipping shouldnt affect speed to my knowledge. At least the original idea is that it shouldnt affect speed. I barely used it. I think the last time i used it was like 4-5 years ago. It was completely useless for me so i never considered it. However i never head it affects game speed.
This game runs at 20 fps for me but when i tried it at 1/2, it gave me 40-45 fps and at 2/2, it gave me about 50 or above fps. And if using turbo mode than normal mode of framelimiter, it gave me 70+ fps. So it is useful for me.
Yes there are some (rare) cases where it helps. It just didnt work for me/my specs/my games. Still you report working speed limiters even using frameskip or?
Yes, i am using framelimiter with frameskipping but i use it at normal mode to keep the sound run in smooth way according to fps. You can also use cheat engine speedhack to increase fps. There may be a thread somewhere about cheat engine speedhacks to boost fps. You can try it.

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