Low FPS in Need For Speed Most Wanted (PAL)
I don't really have problems playing the game, I get 19 fps but enabling all speedhacks brings fps to full speed. Mine is just a curiousity..all the time EE and GS % show respectively 60% and 90+%, this is the only game where I see those values (I usually have 90+% in EE, never GS).
I thought I just had to set the internal resolution to native, but it doesn't work. So.. what to do when the GS is the one reaching 90%? Or there is just nothing to do about it (I mean execpt enabling speedhacks)? Or is it just NFS MW? Thanks in advance Smile
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GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 650 MHz
Memory: 4GB RAM DDR2
OS: Windows 7 x64

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You can try using frameskip (shift+f4 while playing), will help but it will probably give the game extra jerkiness. The VU cycle stealing helps in some of those cases too as you already saw Tongue2
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the need for speed games are a ***** for fps. Best you can do is put it in native mode or try software renderer, i agree, it sucks Tongue2 stupid EA
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