Low FPS laggy help!!!
So i've read probably 10 different posts for the game and also for similar specs but cant seem to find something that works for my computer. I only want to play FF10 which i've tried copying other peoples specs for the game with no avail.


Intel Pent D 3.4
2gb ram
Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 MB

In game fps. Its terrible.
[Image: ss1mm.png]


[Image: ss2uj.png]

[Image: ss3s.png]

[Image: ss4lp.png]

[Image: ss5p.png]

[Image: ss6k.png]

[Image: ss7j.png]

[Image: ss8g.png]

I've tried alot of different settings but these are the ones i most recently tried. I dunno if its my video card or my cpu but it amazes me because my laptop runs FF10 easy without hassel

Laptop Specs:

Intel ® CPU u7300 1.3 ghz (2cpus)
4gb ram
Nvidia Geforce G210M

I guess my laptop is newer but it is the exact opposite when running games like BF BC2/WoW ect. My desktop usually blows my laptop out of the water. Anyways is there anyway for me to get faster speeds with my desktop or is it pretty much pointless? Please help and sorry for being noob.

Edit: if you need anymore info just tell me what and where to get it and i'll post it for you. thanks again!

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PC games and emulators are very different, no point comparing them.

What about the GSdx settings?
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isnt that what i posted in the very last ss? if not where do i find it
also in which SSE category does a Intel Pentium D 3.4 ghz processor fall under? it says Pentium D should be able to run SSE2 and SSE3 on wikipedia but doesn't let me run it on SSE3 on my computer for whatever reason. The only difference in config settings from my laptop to my desktop is the laptop is running SSE3 and my desktop that i want to run it on is running SSE2
Pentium D supports SSE3 not SSSE3 which is what gsdx uses. Anyway try lowering internal resolution and use the the EE cycle hack.
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tried lowering the internal res and turned up ee cycle hack but still had the laggy issue. my fps did go up to 35 ish but the words and movements are still garbled something i noticed though is when i did change it to those these were my stats ingame.

FPS 32-37% (not moving)
EE 96-100%
GS 30's%


FPS 24-28%
EE 89%
GS 100%

got the before specs from the screen shot above. Are these things telling me what is causing it to be laggy? is 100% bad?
it means your cpu is too weak, unfortunately.
not much you can do except upgrading...
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You simply need to upgrade, keep the card if it serves you well in pc games, but buy a new motherboard,cpu and PSU. Although with pc components being extremely cheap at the moment for what you get i say you should just get a whole new pc that should serve you well for years to come. Btw Pentium D processors are atrocious, terrible cpu and central home heating system in one.

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