Low FPS - slow problem

I have a problem with From Russia With Love Game [PAL]
Game works very slowly.
About 25fps in bigger locations.
This is the only game where is the problem - many others works fine.

PCSX2 2793
I changed this option several times and I have used many different settings.
Still the same.

My PC:
E5200 - 3.7Ghz
8800GTA 512mb
2Gb RaM

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First we do not give support for unofficial alpha builds like the one you are using. Seems you are hitting an emulation bug since it's unnatural to get this low FPS with your specs. Probably not much you can do about this.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Sorry, I'll check official version...

On official PCSX2 game is crashing after intro. Sad

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