Low FPS when playing 2 players on Tenkaichi3
My computer plays single player perfectly fine even without speedhacks and I limit the FPSs so that it doesn't get too fast. But when playing 2 players, it gets slow. I activate speedhacks and still the same, doesn't even improve a little. It looks like if on 2 players it has some sort of FPS limit.
This are my specs:
Proc: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 on stock speed.
Mobo: canĀ“t remember but it is from Gigabyte and it's ok. (I am at work right now) Tongue2

Can someone tell me if it is possible to play on 2 players without problems? If yes, is there something special that needs to be set, or emu version. Thanks

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which version of pcsx2 are you using?
did you try the new beta, it has a vu cycle stealing speed hack which speeds up most of the very slow games like tekken5. Haven't tried MK Armageddon yet.
I play on t5 with little slowdown playing someone else. I use SSXPad though, and lower my resolution quit alot (I get 25fps)

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