Low-Resolution Problem (Could use some help)
Good Evening. I recently got access to an exceptional computer capable of running PCSX2, but I've encountered a few problems. The problem that is related to the program itself, not my ISO's, is that I am always viewing the game in a lower resolution. I've tried changing the Aspect Ratio, and using a custom window size (I'm running 1920x1080), but even in the smallest of playable windows, It's pixelated. I can't read many of the text in games, and I haven't found a solution. If any further information is needed, please ask and I will provide. Thank You.

|(On a side note, both of my games (Vexx and Rogue Galaxy) won't play right. Vexx crashes just before the menu, and Rogue Galaxy just after the first cutscene. Any Ideas?)

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Your assumptions would be wrong, wrong ISO's would be most likely the cause of your crashing problem as both of the games are playable and don't have such problems. Re-dump your games again from original discs using Imgburn as most other programs for doing it treat ps2 discs as pc ones and fail to create 100% working backup.

Window size has nothing to do with game resolution, open GSdx(GS plugin) config and change internal res if you need it.
Make note that upscalling can cause problem in some games and some others will run only with software renderer which is limited to native res ~ more or less the original PS2 quality. If you can't read the text then you either set the internal res as custom and even lower than native, have some modded/broken iso's from the net(unsopported here anyway) or have awful sight since in all PS2 games texts are pretty big to ensure being readable on it's original low res.
I'm aware that the crashing was directly related to the ISO files. That's why I left that as a Side Note. Also, THANK YOU!!!! It was at a custom resolution of 300x300 (I have no idea why) and it is now set to native. I also found different ISO copies, and the games work excellently. Thank you again, my problems are solved.

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