Low Speed (60 %) for any PS2 game
Hi guys,

I am new in the group but I have read some of the recommended threads, so I apologize if this question may sound repetitive.
I am trying to play NBA Ballers at PCSX2 at the moment and the maximum speed I can get during in-game is 60%. However, the game is running full speed at the menu and other parts of the game. My emulator version (1.4.0) should be compatible with this game (I've checked the compatibility thread here) and I have also tried to change the settings and the speed hacks (I could get 60% speed at the level 6).
Is there anything I should do to improve the speed at least just a little bit? Maybe do you now any other thread I should look for to improve my speed?

By the way, my laptop is an Intel Core i7-5500U CPU @ 2.4 GHz; 8 GB Ram memory

Thanks for much for the help

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Well, people might give suggestions as to how you MIGHT improve performance, but ultimately, you have a weak CPU. For relatively low demanding games, they recommend a STR (single thread rating) of at least 1600. For more demanding games, they recommend at least 2000. Your STR has a rating of a little over 1500. So don't expect miracles in performance. Ultimately you will need to consider upgrading your computer if you want good, solid, performance
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What GPU do you have?
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Well i have a STR of 1400 and I have found that the latest development build performs better than version 1.4, ate least in some games i am able to get 100% with some minor dips nothing too bad in games like Ratchet, jak and daxter (except Jak3 experiencing some weird graphical glitches with that one), mercenaries.
You can find the latest builds here https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php
The best you could do is to set your power plan to high performance, if your CPU usage isn't maxed out on task manager.
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