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Low end specs + Latest dev build
(07-29-2018, 08:29 AM)vsub Wrote: Umm,yea,better give up while using that cpu.
Don't expect full speed on almost any game no matter the settings.

The recommended minimum single threaded performance for the cpu is 1600 for most games but that cpu stp is 554(almost as slow as my Pentium 4 2.8GHz and I definetly know that it can not run almost anything at full speed no matter the settings)

And also,newer versions work slower because as you said,"Street Fighter EX3 got their clothes fixed" and that requires more cpu power which you don't have

Yea, I realized it. Need to upgrade. Big time, hopefully I can get this AMD A10-Series. Or an Intel i5 PC, at least. Mainly want the i7.

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if you are upgrading go for minimum I7 CPU and minimum 6gb RAM
Then you can always upgrade your GPU & RAM later as needed.

My CPU is AMD Athlon II x4 645 with a decent GPU and I still have to tweak settings per game, there seems to be no happy medium, lol.
There is plenty of middle ground for emulation CPUs... espically in desktop situations.

For emulation of PCSX2/Dolphin
Avoid anything before Ryzen. With Ryzen almost any of the CPUs can be fine as long as you are willing to overclock since generally even ones like the 1200 or 1300x overclock nicely. If you don't want to overclock then aim for the ryzen 5/7 and you should be in the demanding title range (though some of the most demanding titles would need overclocking still)
Core i3/i5/i7s can all be viable from the 2nd generation onward depending on the clock speed. Pentiums from skylake onwards can also work generally fine. You will get performance bumps the newer the generation and the better the clocks.

Basically aim for 1,600-1,800 for low demanding titles 1,800-2,000 for a large amount of titles and 2,000+ for demanding titles with different needs depending if you have to use software rendering to fix something.

GPU kinda matters, but it really depends more on the specific game and how much you want to enhance it. There are some games that require a nice GPU to work well in a hardware accelerated backend, but there are less of those then ones that need a really good CPU. Generally due to how AMD writes their OpenGL drivers I normally recomend Nvidia for PCSX2 since it is more compatible (faster) with the OpenGL backend (the best backend for PCSX2 by quite a bit). For Dolphin you can use anything faster then intel's 620 integrated GPU and generally find a backend that will get you 1080p upscalling.... PCSX2 is more on a game to game basis and someone who does more enhancements then I do can give good recomemdations for exact cards.

Quick edit:
For emulation RAM means very very little, but for general PC use I would not go under 8GB unless I was building a specialized build that was not going to be a general computer too. Even my specialized emulation PC has 8GB of RAM, but that is so I can easily have multiple chrome tabs open with guides and other things while playing.
If you're gonna go for a mobile device like a laptop, definitely avoid AMD unless it's a Ryzen APU, as those things are excellent both in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Equivalent Intel parts are also desirable of course.

Desktop you'll want to do the same as the guy above me said. If you're gonna build a rig or buy one, try to make sure it's an Nvidia GPU as they perform better overall in OpenGL, which has surpassed Direct3D in terms of accuracy.

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