Low fps in Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix
I run kingdom hearts 2 final mix on pcsx2 0.9.8, and experiences slow fps, average 20 - 35 fps.
Since I'm not an expert in this, I'd like to post up my specs and seek for assistance from experts Happy

OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, 2000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
Total Physical Memory: 1,013.75 MB
Available Physical Memory: 156.23 MB
Total Virtual Memory: 2.23 GB
Available Virtual Memory: 1.11 GB

Display: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family
Adapter Ram: 320 MB
Approx Total Memory: 251 MB

Oh and one more thing, I think my laptop supports DirectX 10, but I can't find any option using DirectX 10 in pcsx2 0.9.8, so I used Direct3D9 in my settings instead. Could this be a problem too? Unsure

Any comments and guidelines are welcomed and highly appreciated Biggrin

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OK Then you have come to right place Tongue2


OK... But still 2.00Ghz is a bit low. 2.4 too 2.8 Ghz is a good range for this game. But as this is a Laptop you can't overclock too. Tongue2 Check that it doesn't gets heated up. Don't expect much from that. Huh

Set the power plan to High Performance


Failed... Sorry! Sad Intel Cards are too weak and DirectX 10 is not supported by your Intel Cards. Also, GPU Ram is too low. Excl Windows Vista Supports DirectX10 but it is not supported by your card so you have to use DirectX9 mode only.


OK Smile

Reccomended Things to try:
  • Speedhacks
  • GSDX Native Mode
  • Allow 8-bit Texture
  • Set the Clamp Mode to None
  • Set the Round Mode to Nearest
  • Buy a new PC with Intel Core I7 Processor. Tongue2

Hope it helps Smile
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that laptop is a crap and it's not expected to improve beyond 30fps.....better have a extreme laptop for pcsx2 for these days
don't expect magic trick configuration,or speedhack trick on your laptop.
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Laptops are always a bit slow and have mobile type CPU/GPU.
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