Low fps with fast lapto???

I new in the forum, and i wanna ask about why whit a good laptop (next the description) i have low fps when i am sometimes in game playing or when the game has a video my fps go from 65-70 fps to 29-38 fps and somethimes the Graphs are bads. The pcsx2 version is the last PCSX2 0.9.8 (r4600).

My lapto is:

Host Machine Init:
Operating System = Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
Physical RAM = 6076 MB
CPU name = Intel® Core™ i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz
Vendor/Model = GenuineIntel (stepping 05)
CPU speed = 1.728 ghz (8 logical threads)
x86PType = Standard OEM
x86Flags = bfebfbff 0098e3fd
x86EFlags = 28100000

x86 Features Detected:
MMX.. SSE.. SSE2.. SSE3.. SSSE3.. SSE4.1.. SSE4.2

And i have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 435M (2048 MB).

here i put some screens

The first 2 images are when i have low fps, and the last when i have good fps.

[Image: play22.png]
[Image: play2b.png]
[Image: pla23.png]
I tried everything, update the graphip card, change the configuration of the emlutor, everything but nothing work, i got this problem whit mostly of the games Wacko.

If someone have the solucion, plis share with me.

Thanks. Dune2.

Pd: I`m from argentina. My english is a little lost Tongue

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PCSX2 doesn't take advantage of more than two cores (at least for now) and the clock speed is definitely a contributing factor; try messing with the speed hacks and VU cycle stealing settings, but note that these can crash the emulator and make thing unstable if used improperly. Try adjusting them in increments.
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CPU: Haswell Core i7 4770 3.40 GHz (3.90 GHz w/ Turbo Boost)
CPU Instructions: MMX, SSE1, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1,
SSE4.2, EIST, iAMT2, Trusted Execution Technology (TXT)  
OS: Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit
HDD: 3 x 1 TB Western Digital HDD
Video: eVGA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB GDDR5
Audio: Realtek 5.1 HD Audio
can you tell me a good configuration of plugins???
Good configuration: default.
Good plugin: default.

Your CPU is very very weak in applications which were not highly threaded (in this case PCSX2, which uses only 2 main threads). It is only effective in highly threaded applications like Photoshop, Maya, Visual Studio... well I doubt you use any of them.

You'd better carefully study until you know what is a "good laptop" before buying. For now, live with it.
@dune2 like already said, your laptop isn't too nice for pcsx2, through I think you should be able to play this game with full speed and nice graphics, just do a few things.

To begin with make sure your laptop doesn't work in power saving mode as it should have turbo mode which potentially would be enough to play this game without doing anything else, get into your windows power settings and turn it to performance.

If that is settled and the game still lags:

Firstly download latest SVN version of pcsx2 from here and use all recommended speedhacks INCLUDING new one - MTVU and if it still lags use VU cycle stealing speedhack set as 2. As that game is only awfully VU1 heavy this should be enough to run it at full speed on your laptop even without it's turbo, but MTVU speedhack can make it slightly unstable soo make sure to save fairy often if you need it.

Secondly about bad graphics, if you mean dark characters and you're using DX10/11 then change it to DX9 in GSdx config, usually it's worser, for this game through it's opposite and should look nice. Character faces will disappear randomly in some scenes through, but that doesn't seem to be GSdx problem and nothing I tried seems to fix it. Also worth to mention don't use "allow 8bit textures"(also in GSdx settings) for this game as it kills it's speed a bit. I only tested that game remotely and quickly starting story mode without knowing how to play;P soo dunno really if there were any more graphic problems.

Oh and next time type a game's name when you ask for help with itTongue, if I didn't saw someone's playing it few days ago I would have no idea what game it is, it's not like that's widely known title;P.
Try changing the power plan to high performance.

1.73 Ghz is a bit low for PCSX2.
Download the latest SVN and enable the MTVU Hack ehich will help you to take advantage of 3 cores.
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
thanks for all, i downloaded the latest svn and work 100% perfert Laugh

(10-16-2011, 02:52 AM)nintendo85 Wrote: PCSX2 doesn't take advantage of more than two cores (at least for now)

It does. never heard of MTVU? Tongue2

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