Low framerate problem - not enough CPU usage
I seem to have a strange problem. When playing games I get a framerate of around 20-30 fps, yet my CPU usage (In the task manager) never goes over 25%

The framerate is good in menus and videos, but always drops during animations.

My computer specs are:
Intel Core i7 930 (2.8GHz)
ATI Radeon HD5870

And the plugins I use are:
GSdx SSSE3 - Direct3D11 (Hardware), native resolution. Interlacing options (even blend) do not affect framerate at all
SPU2-X - Linear interpolation, no effects processing, XAudio2, TimeStretch synch

Would there be any way to increase my CPU usage to boost the framerate?

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which game ?

and what do the EE% and GS% say in your gsdx titlebar ?
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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RAM : 16 Go
Tales of Symphonia. There's a known glitch for sound problems, but not fps as far as I'm aware.

EE is around 45% and GS is 55-65% during the slow bits (mostly dialogue), and EE is 50-60% and GS 25-30% during the faster bits (menus)

Battle seems to go from 25-55 fps, seems completely random.
PCSX2 uses only 2 cores. Your i7 is 4 cores processor.It will always show in task manager 50 %.
Use gsdx 4.1 plugin. You will have to use some recomended speedhacks,and put ee cycle rate on 2. and vu cycle stealing on 1. And than tell if there is any speed diffrence.
Alright, it looks like it's a problem with that game only. Adding the speedhack helps a little bit, but not much.

And I've just tried some other games, they run perfectly fine without speedhacks or anything.

Thanks for helping c:
tos is a b*tch in pcsx2 i cant even run it properly on 4ghz i5 >.< and full of bugs to Sad

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