Low latency audio settings and best sound.
Hello i am currently playing through kingdom hearts 2 final mix on pcsx2 and i have an i5-8600k @5.0ghz and a gtx 1080ti and in the audio settings i saw that it was at 100ms so i was wondering what are the lowest possible settings i can put it at? It ran fine at 15ms with time stretch and async mix but should i keep those off and run it without the synchronization like time stretch and async mix? I never have any performance issues and i always run at 3x and why doesn't OpenGL have anti-ailsing?

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Ideally you should push the audio latency as low as you can get it without stutter gaps. If you start hearing pops or stutters, it's too low and should be bumped back up. The default setting is honestly fine, from what I've seen.

OpenGL doesn't have anti aliasing because it is very expensive for your GPU, and completely unnecessary with internal resolution increases. If edges are aliased, you can bump the internal resolution up. If the game starts to slow down, then reduce the internal resolution.

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