Low performance with latest NVIDIA 320.14 BETA ?
Anyone else having same problem? I havent enocunter such problem till now. I have never see before so much performance differences between drivers. Tested only with GT4 and there is significant difference with new driver like frame droping at same exact places on particular track(tried on few laps race) from 60 to 40 for example.
No settings were changed during test and i tried with two of latest svn builds.
I installed again previous WQHL driver and fps is rock solid 60 fps as usual.

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that's why they call it beta perhaps?
Naaa. Beta drivers are stable. They pretty much just add performance bumps to the stable release version of the driver and just call it beta. This is my theory. So please don't quote me on this. I guess perhaps they screwed up something somewhere and made whatever PCSX2 needs of drivers of the card being used to not work quite right.

My suggestion is to reload a previous version of the driver to one that worked fine. Unless the new beta driver gave a nice performance boost to a PC game or games you currently play. Then that would be your call on what you want to do then.
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I just downloaded that driver and I haven't noticed a difference at all
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No problems here I've seen, maybe it installed badly or something?
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Now I see why I answered about beta drivers at another thread, I messed it badly Smile

Yes, I got very hard problem with the beta as had with previous one also. As far as I followed, the problem is related with windows 8 blocking the driver or part of it due to non certification and the issue is made immediate and hard in SLI setup.

Till the reasons for the issues being positively identified, the recommendation is avoiding non WHQL drivers for the while. I can't say for Windows 7 anymore, but updates could implement the same "security" in it also.
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