Lower performance on latest dev builds
Hello, I'm here just to give some feedback on the latest build (1911 and 1744.). I've tested many games with them on openGL renderer, with and without basic blending and  accurate date because I've noticed for the first time that rogue galaxy "raging dragon" simon ability had a graphical glitch and less details on DirectX11 renderer and with openGL without the accuracy options enabled. The difference in performance was expected. But, I decided to compare with the stable builds, 1.2 and 1.4, and I've noticed that the glitches were fixed in OGL mode + accuracy settings enabled without almost any performance degradation. It was performing well like in Dx11, but without visual glitches. 

Something that I've noticed is that the game started lagging after some time in random places, such as Dorgenark Control Room (build 1911) which never had such problem before in older builds. A workaround that i found in the latests dev builds that I tested was to set the hacks to Aggressive on OGL mode. Dx11 in the latest versions didn't fixed the performance degradation in some situations, while the version 1.4 was smooth with OGL+Basic Blending+Accurate Date, 60fps @ native res w/o MSAA or FXAA + PS2 filtering and "Allow 8-bit" disabled. Now I've tested with external shaders and its all smooth and beautiful heh.

I know that this performance hit is probably due to an improvement on accuracy of pcsx2(maybe not), but I think its good to give some feedback about these stuff. I've tested on a low-end notebook (6Gb ram, i5 2450m @3.1Ghz, gt630m Oc'd a bit, Windows 10 w/ Steam as Shell replacement, Nvidia Driver 376.33+nvidia inspector changes). Badass rigs can hide some ***** with their brute performance, so I guess its a good idea to give my experience with the emu to you guys as well. Tongue2

Anyway, I'm grateful for your passion making this open and free emulator to everyone.Thanks.

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There are too much word for me. What is faster/slower, which options, differences of fps because 1-3fps isn't the same as 30fps
thats because when new versions come out their accuracy gets better things get fixed which is why its a bit more CPU heavy than the previous builds.
(03-11-2017, 03:53 PM)gregory Wrote: There are too much word for me. What is faster/slower, which options, differences of fps because 1-3fps isn't the same as 30fps

Ok, I tried to reproduce the slowdowns in the version 1911 and compare with the 1.4 stable version. 

GS settings is set at the preset 2.

*Tested without mipmap. I just forgot to uncheck it after the tests to take the screenshot. I was trying to see if was this option that make the difference in performance inside Vedan mines.*

Gsdx settings:
[Image: MS0SECw.png]

Here are some screenshots of the emu performing in the same area against common enemies. I tried to reproduce the performance hit in the caves in Vedan with many Giants in a fight, but the slowdown didn't happen like the last time I saw it and when I decided to give the feedback. :Tongue  But it was like happen in the screenshots below. Happened in Juraika too, while 1.4 version run flawless. 

build 1911 --> v1.4 with the same settings (even with external shaders):
[Image: LyewC7V.png][Image: Yvnzg2N.png]

Even with this "fullscreen" effect v1.4 didn't even hiccup or distorted the sound (same with other skills such as kisala Starshine which destroyed 1911 performance):
[Image: zxiyeT1.png]

Dorgenark control room( 1911 -> v1.4)
[Image: kJpU3Di.png][Image: K7iE1QH.png]

Post battle:
1 - 1911
[Image: YdhzvuP.png]

2- v1.4

[Image: mISMRHm.png]

Both versions fixed the graphical glitches and effect accuracy:
[Image: LWIz07q.png]

I took more ss but I think I already bloated the thread with images. Idk how to insert them as Thumbnails ( I tested with imgur and the forum tool to add images and both looked the same in the preview. Sorry for the size of the images).
It would be interested to know around which version the slow down appears.
(03-12-2017, 12:03 AM)gregory Wrote: It would be interested to know around which version the slow down appears.

I'll test more builds between 1911 and the stable v1.4. I'll update the thread later when I have more time.

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