Lulu's Fury in final fantasy X?
For those of you that are, or have played, Final Fantasy X, every time LuLu (The lady black mage guardian) gets an overdrive, which is Fury, than I can't seem to make it do anything other than just clicking it. It says rotate the right analog stick round and around. I am using PCSX2 and going around with the right stick button assignments ("w-d-s-a" and opposite, "w-a-s-d") but nothing happens... am I supposed to do something more than that or is this just no going to work in PCSX2? Sad

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try holding one button then pressing another, releasing the first, then, holding down the second, press the third, then release the second... etc. You need to establish a diagonal, not just 4 cardinal points.
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the fury is coded to look for 360deg. rotations, I'm 95% sure
Try binding the analog stick to your mouse with Lilypad or use the combo features in TwinPad.
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