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MGS 2 - lag during olga fight
Quote:You may gain a little speed using DirectX, but is is recommended that you use OpenGL. You could reduce the upscaling resolution as well, that should give you a speed boost.

The branch warning is nothing to worry about, it just means that the developers were evil and there's some nasty processing to do on the emulator's side of things [Image: tongue.gif]

I reduced the res by half (320 x 256), the result is 70~80%. Kinda playable. I think this is the best my laptop can do, otherwise will be like watching infinity war on a calculator (:

By the way, no need to add my environement/configuration for MGS2 to the wiki page?

Anyway, thank you all for the help, it was a pleasure discovering this community.

God bless you all;

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If you want to add your test, you still can Wink

You can either do it on the wiki or search the public compatibility list here for the correct region of your game.

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