MGS 3: Current Progress
Hi guys,

just wonderin if you have any new information on the water reflections that screwed with mgs3 and midnight club: 3's performance, so hit me up with any new info Biggrin

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Computer specs ?? Tried speedhacks, different GSDx settings??
What water reflections that screw up midnight club 3's performance? What settings? Any screenshots?
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Here is pic of the MGS3 problem. It is reflection problem in general, because Sokolov's glasses do this, too.
[Image: OM9kl.jpg]
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Did you tried this with the latest official beta? Does this happen in DX9, DX11, or software mode?
He's using 0.9.6 in that screen shot. He's also got deinterlace on for some reason... Don't believe MGS3 requires that.

As for the graphics glitch, I certainly don't remember having that issue last time I played MGS3... and that was on SVN 2300 or so.... but now that I think about it, I'm not sure I got that far since it played pretty badly even with speed hacks on my AMD machine.
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