MGS 3 + Dualshock 3 + pressure sensitivity
Has anyone been able to actually use the pressure sensitivity on the cross, circle, square and triangle buttons in this game? So that you can draw your weapon and then lower it if you release the square button slowly the way you're supposed to?

I'm using the Motioninjoy drivers which works like a charm except when it comes to this. Lilypad is being used as the pcsx2 plugin.


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directinput and xinput do not support pressure sensitivity. button presses are on or off, regardless whether the controller can detect differences in the pressure.

A search would've garnered you 3 or 4 threads where this is answered

Install the libusb driver and use the NATIVE feature of lilypad
Already tried that and it did not work. I was able to select the native ds3 mode in lilypad using the libusb drivers, but I still wasn't able to use the pressure sensitivity on the cross, square, triangle or circle buttons.

A conflict between Motioninjoy and Libusb perhaps?
in native mode the api/driver is bypassed.

probably a lack of implementation in lilypad.

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