MGS 3 Error
Hi........I am using new pcsx2playground to play mgs 3. and I have read about the ideal setting and try it....but in my case the game get crash when we get our kit at starting of game and move to next area at that area the game show visual studio debugger to me...and ask to fix and ignore. what should I do I really nead to play this game.

here my system config is
c2d E6750 2.66 Ghz
2 Gb of ram
Nvidia 8600GT
and 250 Gb of Hdd

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happened to me too since the newest version is only VTLB and its a known problem try an older one with a VM build and you should be fine
Perhaps in the advanced options, under EE recs options, change Round mode from Nearest to Chop/Zero. Tell if it hellps. Wink
Now I can able to play game........but now I am getting another problem, i.e. I can't able to save my game, when I try to save game it says saving failed what should I do.
Use the latest beta: it should fix that problem...
You're playing snake eater , aren't you?

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