MGS 3 Pal Problem I cant start game!
Fist sorry my poor english Sad
I have 4 disk iso PAL version MGS3 (Disc 1. Subsistence, Disc 2. Persistence, Disc 3. Existence, Network Acces Disc). I can't play the game. I checked pcsx2 guide but the game's start screen come than i push start button after push new game but it already return the game start screen. I can't start the game. How can play this game pcsx2. My pc configuration : cpu=q6600 2.4 @ 3.4 overclocked, ram=4 gb, Graphic card= sapphire 4830 512 mb, motherboard=Gigabyte 965ds3

PSCX2 configuration in the Attached File(s) area

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please stop asking support for a game you've downloaded.

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