MGS 3 Snake Eater mc crash
i want to play mgs3 snake eater....(PAL)
i had searched about the right config ....
i can play the first area with full speed
BUT if i press SELECT pcsx2 crashs!
it crash with winxp and 7!

Specs: latest beta
with plug ins : gdsx 1873 spu2 1.2
intel c2d 6750 @ 3.2G and 8800GT

can anyone help me?

PS: yes i used the search bar!

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did you try redumping your Iso from your DVD ? try using ghz cd/DVD plugin and your DVD and see if you have the same problem.

Moreover, try gsdx in software mode. It may help .
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redumping didnt solve the problem, but software mode does.
is there an other resolution for this problem?
a good friend has the normal mgs 3 version, should is use his one ?
Show us your pcsx2 version and settings including the GSdx settings so we can help better.
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thanks guys.
the problem is solved.
with subsistence ! the other version of the game solved the problem!

PS: thank you robin ;-)

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