MGS 3: Snate Eater x MGS: Substance Performance
Hi people,

There's some difference between the performace of MGS 3Wackonake Eater and MGS 3: Substance in the 0.96 Emulator???

I ask that because I have the MGS 3Wackoubstance (SLUS 21359) and I want to know if it's the snake eater version(SLUS 20915 ) is better like said in compatiblity list (only mgs:snake eater was listed as 0.96, the status of mgs substance is in the 0.94).

ps.: In Substance I get 20-60 fps.

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since 0.9.6 is a newer version of the emulator, there is a possibility that your game would work better with it. However there is also a possibility that there wont be any difference between the two versions of the emulator for the same game. you will have to try it out yourself of wait for someone else to try it out.
But in 0.96, there's differente between the 2 versions of the game (substance and snake eater). I think I'll have to get a copy of Snake Eater to test.
I am running the non Substance version,

most of the time it runs at 60fps, apart from certian places where it drops to 25-40 like when opening the plane back in the intro.

however unticking texture filtering option helps the performance alot.

surely textures look as a mix of ps1 and p2 game, however it end up giving it a good retro feel, and yes I dont play the game for the graphics since it is ugly anyway.

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