MGS2 Crash at end of "Tanker"
Hello everyone.

I normally play most games on Pcsx2 linked up to a TV running at 1680x1050. Before I played through MGS2 on native but now with the new (awesome in my opinion) MTVU speedhack I can now play MGS2 at 1680x1050.

I am playing Sons of Liberty with r4875 (instead of r4600 because of MTVU).

I did notice since the last time I played through that the strange camera problems at the end of Tanker with Super and mVU have been fixed which is nice.

But after sending all the photos in the terminal, 4 more um not FMVs but rendered movie clips play but after the 4th one finishes it is ALWAYS "PCSX2 r**** has stopped working". I've tried I think almost everything I can think of and was just wondering if anybody has a solution to this problem.

I don't remember having this problem so maybe it's new or it's something I've done wrong.


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2 things to try.

First, try it without MTVU, it is a little unstable at times and is new, so try with out that first.

If it's still crashing, try GSDX in softare mode, there is a lot of memory usage going on in that game, possibly even hardware mode but native res may sort it.
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Oh feel like a right numpty ^^ xD. Native fixed it, Sod's law its the first thing u usually do u forget to do.


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