MGS2 Issue
Greetz y'all.

I am having an issue with playing metal gear solid 2 sol/substance (both have the same prob).
I am getting 50 fps consistently more of less while walking around tanker, i think I did some fiddling with emulation settings that were suggested in other posts and that made the game somewhat playable, but when I get to olga boss battle the framerate drops to 30 ish and audio goes slow with it.

I've used the search feature and come to no avail, did find some useful stuff, but I'm still having this slowdown with the first boss fight. I was just wondering if there was anything that an experinanced user would suggest I try? As I'm a bit of a noob with this pcsx2 your gonna have to explain a bit slow for me Smile

My rig is:
Win7 64bit
AMD athlon II X4 640 - 3.00ghz quad
Asus M5A78L-M LX mobo
8gb ddr3-1333mhz ram
Nvidia GTX 460 SOC 1GB
650W psu.

If there are any screenshots I should take, tell me which screens I should upload and I will do so.

Any help at all would be very greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! Brilliant peice of software nonetheless !


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what is the ee and gs percent ratings at the top of the screen during the slowdown?
1st of all,default settings cant give you what you need usually.
Play a bit with resolution. Find good scaling for game you trying to play.Sometimes best option is Native.(video plugin settings)
2nd thing to try if slow,speedhacks. After game launched go to speedhacks tab and turn on MTVU hack , on you CPU may be good fps boost.If this cant help, also play with aggressive hacks a bit,2 big sliders.
Sometimes Allow 8 bit textures can cause a slowdown,so disable it and see the result (video plugin )
Finally DirectX 11 sometimes will give you few more FPS you need (video plugin)

I think i need save this and copy paste later Smile
DaTankAC EE 90%-100%, GS 50% - 74%

CrazyGamer, I played with resolutions and it doesnt seem to make any difference with the slowdown sadly, mtvu speedhack doesnt seem to make a differance either, EE cyclerate and VU cycle stealing make the game feel more sluggish at higher settings, the 8 bit textures thing i have tried too - on or off this slowdown is inevitable Sad DX11 (hardware) too is the same as DX9(Hardware)..
I'm thinking perhaps I do need a faster cpu to emulate this game properly!
Well. you know,PCSX2 not a PS2 so its difficult to say ideal config for game on someone PC and system requirements. And status of game for example Perfect 60 Smile
Yes ,looks like faster CPU can help here EE 90%-100% Sad
60% is good? Whoa yes my cpu strugling! Thanks for ur replies Wink
No,i mean 60 FPS Smile And i hope you have another favorite games on PS2 ,not all very demanding about emulation.

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