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MGS2: Substance 1st person mod?
Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. Never had to post because I've always found my answer here haha.

I'm a hue fan of mgs2 substance, as I'm sure many of you are.

In the VR missions there is a first person mode, and it is an absolute blast to play.

If the game is able to put the camera in first person mode, wouldn't that mean it is possible to play the game in first person with a cheat??

Imagine how fun and challenging it would be to play the game in first person, and then remapping them to your favorite FPS shooter controls.

Anyone capable/willing to undertake this, or have any input??

Thanks for taking the time to read this
If it matters, im playing the NTSC-U version and my system is i7 3770k oc'd to 4.3ghz and a gtx 970 oc'd to 1.3 ghz, with 16 gb ddr3 2400 ram and win7 pro x64

Pretty confident I can run it, I haven't tried playing it on emulator yet but I hear it is difficult and need a strong PC

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you can run the game well with no problem, though might slow down at some high demanding scenes.
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