MGS2 Substance freezes indefinetly only at certain parts
Hello everyone. I'm a new user and made this account just to ask for some little help regarding this little (huge) problem of mine with MGS2 Substance (PAL).

The game itself is playable up to the part in the cutscene near the end of the tanker mission, where Snake shouts out Ocelot's name and then flashes back to a snapshot of a barechested Ocelot in MGS1. After that, the game just freezes forever (literally)
until I do a reset. Same incident has happened various other times at the exact same point.

Next point where such a thing happens is in the opening custcene of Big Shell, exactly after Raiden says "I heard the cleanup wasn't over yet". Same error as said last time; freezes indefinitely until I reset.

Last known point where such error occurs is directly after the codec conversation between Raiden and Campbell ends (the first one after the cutscenes), where some sort of instructional video is supposed to show. Instead, it freezes to a black screen and is stuck at 38fps.

What is going on? 助けて下さい!

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