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[MGS2 and 3] Pressure sensitive controller necessary?
So I was trying out MGS3 and it's honestly unplayable for me with my current config mainly due to the controls. Rather than being able to hold up enemies, or keeping them hostage in choke-hold, Snake kills them right away due to the pressure sensitivity missing.

Does anyone know of a particular config that might work for this game that doesn't require that, or do I have to get a pressure sensitive controller or something like a PS3 controller (If that even works)? I know you can mess with the sensitivity, but if I lower the sensitivity it'll conflict with other things again in the game, and you honestly do need both hard/soft presses in MGS3 afaik.
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If you have a pressure sensitive input controller (like DS3) it might work.

As I have just learned motionjoy has his own wrapper + lilypad-plugin combination. This combination supports pressure sensitive input.
I don't know if the other wrappers support pressure sensitive input as well but first you need the right input source.

(I would still not recommend using motionjoy but rather skip MGS2/3 on pcsx2 and play it on the real console since these have some other non-fixable (graphics-) issues as well - if I remember correctly.)
With a dual shock 3, there are ways to enable pressure sensitive in lilypad with the SCP wrapper.

You also may be able to "emulate" this function with a non pressure sensitive controller by assigning different deadzone/sensitivity settings for the same button to different buttons. Like this:

Button 1 - Circle, 100% pressure
Button 2 - Circle, 50% pressure
Button 3 - Cross, 100% pressure
Button 4 - Cross, 50% pressure

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