MGS2 slows down on cutscenes on highend pc
Hello! Been playing MGS2 and in some cutscenes like the one where it shows you the Big Shell from above fps fall down to 30 and maybe 20 for no reason, during gameplay i have no problems. Normally in the game will have 60 fps, i don't have "disable framelimiting" on so not sure why it stays 60. Speed always falls to around 49% during fmvs.

I have to mention that ive been experiencing problems while playing MGS1 on epsxe using Pete's OpenGL2, had sound problems and such. Also had problems with Silent Hill 1 on retro arch with some of the settings fairly high. Just mentioning in case it helps

My specs are:

RTX 2080, i9-9900k, z390 aorus pro, 16gb of ram and using a 1080p monitor. Using the lateast version of windows 10 and my gpu has all the driver updates but i haven't done the latest one yet (ver 441.87). Using the 1.4.0 version of Pcsx2.

Settings im using:
For the renderer im using Direct3D11 (Hardware), "Internal Resolution" is 8x Native, "Texture Filtering" is Bilinear (ps2) and the "CRC Hack Level" is Full (Safest).

Using widescreen (16:9) and i also have the widescreen patches enabled
I have MTVU enabled in the hopes of it fixing it but it only made the fps go slightly higher during fmvs.
Im also using a bios from 17/01/2000 not sure if it effects performance that badly

Thank you for your time!

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CPU: Intel Core I5 4670 3.4GHz
GPU: Radeon HD 7770 2GB

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