MGS2 stuttering issue
GPU = x2 580 SLI
CPU = 2600k 4.5GHz
OS = W7 Home 64bit
PCSX2 = 1.0.0 (stable release)

Been having this issue with MGS2 regardless of what settings I'm using. During cutscenes only, the game will stutter frequently (with a slight audio screech) even though it's running at full speed. DirectX9/11 hardware and software mode, native, x2 native/x6 native, speedhacks enabled/disabled... it doesn't matter. The cutscenes will just intermittently stutter/hiccup and there will be a slight audio screech as it does it.

Like I mentioned, the game runs at full speed just fine. I disabled the frame limiter and was still maintaining 100+ FPS during cutscenes (at x3 native or below, including software mode).

Any ideas as to what could be causing the problem? Every other game I've tried plays just fine (DQ8, Yakuza 1/2, FFX/XII).

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Are you using any speed hacks? Also is SPU2 set to Timestretch or Async mode?
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Yes and no. As I mentioned, the stuttering happens regardless of what settings I'm using. I've tried it with both speedhacks on and off, and it still occurs. I've also tried software mode and running the game at its native resolution, with no luck.

EDIT: SPU2 is set to TimeStretch. Should I try Async?
Tried Async mode, stuttering still occurs. Enabling 8-bit textures seems to remove the stuttering, but overall performance is reduced significantly (FPS will sometimes dip into the 40s during cutscenes).
Do this Go to config tab in pcsx2.
Hit clear all pcsx2 properly.
To know how to properly configure pcsx2 see pcsx2 configuration guide or configuration video.
I think no need of it if u're smart enough.
Note-it'll not affect u'r memory card saves & save states.
Only thing is to do after it select u'r game iso image from internal iso loader (if u're playing from iso)
set plugin in Cdvd tab,if u playing from dvd.
Also select cdvd gigaherz in plugin/bios selector,if u play from dvd often !
I have not tested MGS2, but I have MGS3. so take this with a grain of salt:

I have no problems hitting constant 60 fps ingame, no matter how much stuff is on the screen. However, in most cutscenes I can dip down to as little as 10 fps.

That said.. it could be the same, so you may have to just deal with it

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