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MGS3: Black Spots From Hell
First of all hi everyone.

Thanks to this forum I was able to run SOTC with a solid 50-60 fps so that's a BIG thank you for being able to play that piece of art.

Anyway... My problem are the black spots from hell (Wagner background music please)... I can play MGS3 no problem with 60-50 fps in hardware mode BUT from time to time I get this annoying black spots.

Hard mode

[Image: mgs2s.png]

Uploaded with

Soft mode

[Image: mgs1.png]

Uploaded with

I'm aware that there's a problem with the light effects and that it can only be avoided by playing in software mode, nonetheless, I wanted to know if there is any way to avoid this in hardw mode.

Specs: i5 2'8 Ghz, ATI 6800HD, 3054 RAM, Win7

Thx in advance.

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There is a way, by bypassing the post processing effects removal, by adding CrcHacksExclusions=all in the GSdx.ini file (ONLY in SVN builds of PCSX2, won't work with 0.9.8). But you'll get some very ugly artifacts and abysmal speeds doing that so I don't think you want to Tongue
So in the end, nothing much you can do rather than live with it in hardware mode or use software mode I'm afraid.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The "black spots" don't happen that much in the game anyway, if bothered by it I'd recommend playing it in your PS2/PS3.
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You are both absolutely right: the black spots are negligible and the game plays overall more than decently. In fact I'm having a ***** ton of fun and enjoying the utter absurdity of the story -the mix of japanese manga and Cold War is ridiculous- & the diverse gameplay.

Anyway, I'm waiting for the HD collection... it should be awesome!!

Thx to both.
(12-06-2011, 11:16 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: The "black spots" don't happen that much in the game anyway, if bothered by it I'd recommend playing it in your PS2/PS3.

Well, I have the 360 Collection, but I still prefer to play on the emulator, call me weird but i LOVE Save States and I bet i can get better graphics using the emu then on 360 or PS3.

Is these black spots are the only glitch in this game?

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