MGS3 DMA error
While playing MGS3: Subsistence (DISC 1), in the Bolshaya Past Base area, I suffer a 66% reduction in frame rates (normally ranging from 45-60), and after a few seconds in this area, the game locks up, with the log showing a long stream of "DMA error: 16d80df0"; after the lockup occurs, it takes upwards of 20 seconds to pause the emulation. Any assistance available? Thanks.

Hardware: MSI GT70-0NC Notebook
CPU: Core i7-3610QM
GPU: GeForce GTX670M
PCSX2 version: (svn)
Default settings, all rounds are nearest, all clamps are extra+preserve sign, MTVU enabled.

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can u try to directly play it with u'r game disc ?
& u can also make iso image of u'r game disc with this tool >>
it's totally free.this tool will properly make u'r iso image.
first put u'r disc in dvd drive.then open imgburn-select create image from disc.
let it read from the disc.then choose speed from right 56x in both values.
then browse to u'r folder where u want to keep u'r iso image.
fill a name for u'r game & clcik on build.
after creating iso image select iso in cdvd tab in pcsx2 & click on iso browser & select u'r iso image u created with imgburn & play.'
report back with results.if still error coming post u'r emulog here,thanks !!
I already used an ISO I ripped myself. I can try the disc, but I get the distinct feeling it won't help me much. Tongue
Check game compatibilty on pcsx2 official site with u'r Game crc & disc region.
MGS3 is listed as compatible/playable. CRC32 and Sony catalog numbers match up.
Ok then problem is either in u'r disc or how u ripped iso from it.
Also find wiki With googling it,there should be information how this game can be play on pcsx2 !

Edit-ok i did it for u >>

Thanks, but the issue is not overall playability. Up until this point, the playability of the game was EXEMPLARY. I've played this game on real consoles and gotten more bugginess.

But I do have a lead... In this area of the game, there are supposed to be two collectible camo outfits (one on top of the main building, one in a trench). They're not where they're supposed to be, and the freezes occur whenever I get close.
re-rip your iso then. maybe it's just a bad rip

I played through MGS3 with no errors myself not too long ago.
Do PS2 DVD-ROMs support error correction, or are they used for anti-piracy measures, like PS1 CD-ROMs?
I think there is error correction blocks on ps2 discs but we don't emulate them. It might be protection stuff though, it's been a while since i looked so in depth at CDVD ;p
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