MGS3 - Data on memory card (PS2) is broken!
Title pretty much sums it up, i get this error message whenever i try to load my save file in MGS3, this is the first time this has ever happened. After a few tries another error message appears ''Load failed, check memory card and please try again'', anyone that can help me with this ?

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Has this only occurred with this particular save? I'm not aware of any issues with saves created in PCSX2 for this game, so it may be an accidental issue when you saved your game for that specific time.

In the future, I would recommend using separate save files or savestates for safety so that you don't have to restart from the beginning.
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I had a similar issue where the game suddenly told me the save was corrupt after I had saved the game at the mountaintop above Groznyj Grad.
It's the only game where I have experienced saves breaking. I never use save states either.
It happens. Even on the real PS2 corruption can occur.

Sadly it happens quite often too, and usually at times when you haven't saved in a while. (And not just with MGS3, but it can happen with any game).
I generally make backups of my Memory Card files after checking the integrity of it, and keep various copies sorted by date. That way if a card does go corrupt, I can always go back with minor progression loss.
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I just always make savestates as well as card saves. If one dies I've got the other. And PCSX2 backs up save state on a new one, so even if you only use 1 slot, you've got a card save and 2 states. Not likely that all three will be borked.
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I have never experienced memory card corruption, only had the problem with save states.
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I've had card corruption on real PS2 but not PCSX2. Lol. I've had states corrupted several times though.
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