MGS3 PAL + PCSXw 0.9.7 r3113 + Win 7 Ult 64 Bit + GTX 460 DX11
Good evening to everone...

I'm pleased to register to this forum and thank you all guys for the support you all give to this community. Congratulations to the pcsx2 creator for the insane programming skills he has.

I'm very sorry if i probably ask something that has already been asked before, but actually i cannot seem to find a solution to this problem.

I've got the latest available beta of PCSX2... version 0.9.7 r3113... installed on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and i have a Core i5 CPU which support also SSSE4.1 and a full hardware DX11 graphic card... i've set the plugins but MGS3 doesn't seem to work, it hangs on at the startup "PLAYSTATION 2" screen.... can anyone of you help me to configure everything for the best possible good looking graphics with at least guaranted 50 fps with the best compatibility for most of the games?

Thank you all guys, i've been using in the past 0.9.6 and everytihng was ok.


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use bootcdvd fast

the speed you are gonna get depends on your cpu... but you are gonna probably need 3.4 ghz or more for it, its one of the heaviest games to emulate
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i was used to use a core 2 duo and it was fast enough...

anyway my Core i5 is at 4 GHZ, speed is not a problem... and i'm already using boot cddvd fast option.... the point is that NOTHING BOOTS UP, it hangs at the written PLAYSTATION 2 on black background... it doesn't go on.... the game doesn't even start.... :/
just wanted to know anyway the best settings for best graphics / good speed for all games with my current computer
if you use an iso, dont mount it with daemon tools and stuff, mount it with the internal iso-loader

cdvd -> iso / iso-loader

Intel 486 DX33 33Mhz
S3 Graphics Trio64V+
Windows 95
Running MGS3 Snake Eater fully playable @ 0.05 fps
that's what i already do
and you used that very image with 0.9.6 before and it did work?

maybe deleting your inis and reconfiguring pcsx2 helps.

does the game run from disc?

Intel 486 DX33 33Mhz
S3 Graphics Trio64V+
Windows 95
Running MGS3 Snake Eater fully playable @ 0.05 fps
This game is very demanding under most circumstances, and can be tricky getting it to run on PCSX2. Oh and ROFL at Cyphox's computer specs. XD
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ok guys... i think iso was just corrupted... it's running flawless at 60 FPS NOW With a 4x internal res and 16x hw antialiasing dx11 and everything on and activated... best looking graphics i've ever seen... as i said, the problem was just that the iso was corrupted.
but i have another problem now Laugh

PAL Silent Hill Origins... when the game loads it goes back to the PS2 browser and i can see the two memory cards and a golden dvd saying PLAYSTATION 2 GAME.. but if i load it it comes back again to this browser.... what's the problem now?
Try remaking the ISO of that game or try running it from the original disc.
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