MGS3 Performance Regression in latest GIT ?!

I have recently downloaded the latest 1.5 GIT after not playing any games on PCSX2 for a while and I am suddenly having issues with MGS3  used to work perfectly with near 100 percent accuracy on OGL and that was before I upgraded my PC.

Main issues are the game being extremely slow as if I was trying to run it on a potato with wired sound glitches  I do not understand what is happening and I have tried tinkering with the settings to see if I could solve the problem but nothing so far.

My setup is as follows.

Windows 10 Pro 

Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.50 Ghz 


GTX 1070 

Samsung 840Pro 512 Go for System

Seagate 2 TB SSHD for programs (including PCSX2)

PCSX2 version 1.5 dev 4a56240

I have attached an image of my settings. 

Thank you in advance for help in resolving this issue.

Cheers X.L

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FPS, EE%, GS%, (MTVU%) during slowdowns? (can be read in the title bar of the emulation window)
that seems odd your getting slowdowns with that build whats your EE% and GS% ive had some issues with another game on the latest builds lately my system is similar to yours but mines a non k 6700.

whats your emulation settings set to? check your EE Cyclerate and VU Cycle stealing and make sure the sliders are set to default. it should say preset down the bottom set it to safe faster preset or balanced preset that should fix your problem.

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