MGS3 SlowMo Solution
Hey guys, I need a little advice here..

Im playing MGS3 Substance on PCSX2 1.6.0. Everything is running great so far.
But at certain cutscenes or events the games slows down to like 50%. Not bad fps, the game literally just slows down, including the sound. Other than that the game runs fluid on 60fps.

Is there a way to setup the emulator to avoid this and skip the frames instead of slowing the whole game down? - in case this is a performance issue idk?

My settings are basically on default. The only thing I added is the 60fps cheat.
My HW: 2070 SUPER /Ryzen 3600 /16GB RAM /SSD

Thanks in advance

Update: This is my PCSX2 upper bar during these events - settings that usually affect the performance like resolution, speedhacks etc. doesnt change the speed of the game
[Image: ubzw7k8t2xc61.png?width=1096&format=png&...37497c6f38]

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Nothing to do, unfortunately
Those sloMo during cutscnes are notorious
Mgs3 can be very taxing. And since you added a 60fps cheat, it'll be worse
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Okay, Idk what you did there but it works now.
I removed 60fps hack to test it out and it worked just as you said.
After I put the 60fps hack back on and now it works on 60fps too.
Ill leave it as it is and never touch the settings again : D

Thanks for your time

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