MGS3: Subsistence does not recognize Memory Card
So I was playing MGS3: Subsistence and due to a bad habit of hitting escape to get out of menus I accidentally exited the game. I booted it up and was shocked to find that MGS3: Subsistence does not recognize the existence of a Memory Card. I've heard that this is a widespread issue, but after the searching the Web for hours I couldn't find a way of fixing this problem. I tried reinstalling pcsx 1.4.0, and to my disappointment, it still didn't work  Sad .

As said, I'm using pcsx 1.4.0.

Thanks to anyone who can provide me with a fix or forward me to one!

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I've had issues with that in the past as well. Sometimes the game just randomly corrupts the memory card file. Unfortunately, I never found a real solution and just started using save states as a backup instead. I usually create a save state right after I save to the memory card, that way if it fails to load or isn't recognized, I can fall back to loading the save state and create a new memory card save at the same spot so I don't lose progress.

You could try the latest dev build too. 1.4.0 is pretty old now and the dev builds have a lot of fixes.
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The main cause of this issue that I have personally seen is "time traveling" your save (though to be fair I have never been on 1.4.0 so that might also have something to do with this issue). "Time traveling" a save is when you have a save on your memory card at x time and date and using a save state go back before that save exists and do another memory card save. I have had it happen in a couple RPG games I was mesing around in using savestates to test the RNG systems. The only solution I know of is to delete or move the memory card file. Create a new one from loading a save state and saving.

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