MGS3 Subsistence downloadable camo

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You need spec like CPU, GPU, RAM and HDD
(03-14-2016, 11:03 AM)Akiyama Wrote: You need spec like CPU, GPU, RAM and HDD
I doubt his specs are the issue here. But we would like to know the PCSX2 version being used.

I did read that you can also get the camouflage by beating the game or selecting "I like MGS3" when starting a new game. Can you check if the camo works after selecting "I like MGS3" in new game?
I think the downloadable camo might have a checksum on the savedata. It's possible it'll only work on one memory card - the card it was ORIGINALLY downloaded on.

It's the same for Battle Trophy data on Star Ocean 3 when you download other people's data. Downloading the data to unlock stuff is fine, but actually working on more BTs won't work, as you can't load it into the Battle Simulator when starting a new game. (It'll say the data is corrupt).
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