MGS3 Subsistence make PCSX2 to freeze, unable to exit fullscreen mode
Hello, yesterday I played MGS3 Subsistance for the first time, the game is very playable, no lag or stuttering, but after maybe 20 minutes in game, the game just froze, I'm unable to double click or pressing escape touch to remove the fullscreen mode, I have to force shutdown the emulator in task manager. I tried to play a second time, I was able to play a little longer, but again it froze, unable to exit fullscreen mode. Is it a thing ? I don't see anything about this on the PCSX2 compatibility page of the game. European version.
AMD Ryzen 7 6800U
AMD Radeon Graphics
32GB ram 6400MHz

Sorry but I can't povide any log, logs folder is empty and I use QT version so I don't have direct access to the log like in the previous version.

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tools->enable file logging
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