MGS3 Very slow gameplay with good hardware
First of all, sorry for my english...
Sup guys, I love mgs3, best game ever on my opinion, I want to play it on my PC using the pcsx2. But, its really slow, I get like 40/30 FPS wich is barrely playable...
Can someone tell me what are the best settings to use on the emulator to play MGS3 without too many problems?!
These are my settings that i'm playing right now, at least, trying to.

I'm sure that these settings are not the best ones, cuz I have a pretty...lets say OK pc here with me!
cpu:q8200 2.33GHZ

BTW, not sure if this maters, but im using a ISO

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unless you can prove us you actually own more than 7 PS2s, I'l close this for piracy
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