MGS3 codec issue
It's a minor thing, and probably been asked before, but I can only find (countless) topics on framerate. So, is there a trick to make the codec scenes display properly in gsdx's hardware mode? I've tried fiddling with emu settings but it seems the character portraits appear only in software mode Blink

(Version I'm playing Subsistence NTSC-J)

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Nope, means it's a Hardware mode issue so nothing else you can do but use Software.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ah okay that's fine.. I think there was a hotkey for switching between hardware and software? I can only remember what F1-5 did though - is there a list?
In older days this was the procedure to make it work better in hardware mode, so you can still try.

Open Gsdx.ini file and change the last two lines to-


Well I'm able to run it full speed in software mode and although the character portraits work, the codec movies will randomly show a blank screen but with the dialogue still going. I know this is a bug with the software renderer but since people hardly can play this in software mode, this bug has yet to be brought to gabest's attention.

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