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MGS3 hangs after kojima logo
(06-15-2011, 11:32 PM)Rezard Wrote: @ Koji:
I'm guessing/hoping he's already done that. If not, having 2 people recommending it should be rather encouraging to do so.

I had actually assumed that if there was any copy protection on the disc it would be best to run it from an original. I just played through the first objective of Star Wars BattleFront II (SLUS_212.40;1) and it ran at ~28-30 FPS so now I'm making an image of it to see if that increases the frame rate at all. If it works I'll do MGS3 next.

//EDIT: Battlefront II is running at the same speed, although the menus jumped up to full speed. I'm waiting for the MGS3 rip to finish

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My fist attempt at copying MGS3 yielded an unrecoverable read error at /mgs/movie.dat which seems like where the game was hanging before. There are no visible scratches on the unit itself however and it plays fine in the PS2.

I'm going to give it another shot at a slower read rate (not sure if that'll help since it averaged 2.6x on the first shot)
(06-16-2011, 12:27 AM)VItus Wrote: I'm going to give it another shot at a slower read rate (not sure if that'll help since it averaged 2.6x on the first shot)

I'd like to report COMPLETE SUCCESS!

Athough 1x took FOREVER to finish I got a successful read off the disc and now the game runs fine in PCSX2. It looks like it was probably due to a disk read error all along. The DVD plugin should probably report disc read errors to the console in future revisions.

So, a few closing questions.
1) Can I burn this image back to a disc since my original has some abnormality? Does it have to be a DVD+R like when copying Video DVDs?

2)I have games not listed in the Compatibility Database, where can I submit my experiences?

3) (Most Importantly) I'm assuming there is a USB Play Station controller on the market for a reasonable price that I can use as a controller. If there is, I'd configure that in Lillypad? Are there any ticks to it?
You know what, I think the PS2 actually read discs at 1x. Kinda makes sense that ripping at that same speed could help. Smile

Yes, the emu probably could catch disc read errors, but meanwhile, you can count on Imgburn to tell you when something's up (hasn't failed me).

  1. Yes. If it's a clean rip, you should be able to create a back-up on another disc. You can use Imgburn to write the image file to a disc. You will need to use a DVD-R.
  2. Use this thread. The right people will see it. Be sure to share the relevant info (as per post #1).
  3. PCSX2 should work with any gamepad compatible with Windows. You can find PS2 like USB controllers all over. I got my off eBay for $9, but I usually just use my XBOX 360 controllers.

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