MGS3: pressure sensitivity not working (native mode enabled)

i have successfully set up the DS3 controller in native mode, with pressure sensitivity using this guide In Lilipad when i choose "Test device" i can see the level how the buttons are depressed. But in MGS3 the pressure sensitivity doesnt work. As I understand choosing any weapon a half depression should aim the gun and a full depresson should shoot. However in my case nothing happens until I depress the button fully, when its immediately shooting. Actually i'ts really hard to shoot beceause i need to press the button down all the way.

Any idea what am i doing wrong? 

I also have the feeling that the motion sensing (sixaxis) of the DS3 controller is somehow interfaring. The screen is moving around without pressing any buttons on the controller - is there any way to disable this?


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If your camera is moving when you're not pressing anything, you may have accidentally mapped a sixaxis .... uhm... "input" for a button, try mapping your buttons when the controller is on a flat and stable surface to prevent that.

I have a DS3, so I'll check if MGS3 has any issues with the sensitivity, because I don't remember off the top of my head about it.
so after a little more testing i realized that the camera movement is due to worn out controller Sad a guess i need to take a look inside. still no solution for the pressure sensitivity though
I can confirm that pressure sensitivity is working just fine in MGS3, though I have to be super gentle.

Very lightly pressing Square, I can get Snake to bring up his pistol without firing it, to aim. When I use the knife, pressing it is quick slashes but firm presses are hard stabs, so... no problems on my end. Plugin and game are a oh kay.
Can you please post a print screen how your square button is mapped in lilypad? For me light press does nothing....
I'm not sure if it'll help you, but sure.

[Image: HVYb.png]

[Image: IVYb.png]

[Image: JVYb.png]
actually i realized what was the problem. i thought i need to use the square button to aim down the SVD or the RPG, but its the L1 button. my only remaining problem is a disconnecting DS3 during the cutscenes. in windows the controller stays connected for 10 mins. but in the game it disconnects in every cutscene. very annoying if you need to press a button during the cutscene and the controller is disconnected.
That's a pretty unique problem..... The only thing I could offer as advice is to make sure your battery is fully charged and maybe uninstall/reinstall the drivers, but I don't think that'd help... maybe?

Either way, glad to know everything is a oh kay on the sensitivity front.

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