MGS3 subsistence, I got little bugs
Hello everyone, so I just built my new pc and I was really excited to run pcsx2 at full speed but unfortunately I almost got it Sad. However it wasn't bad either.

Games that I have tried are:

1. MGS sub 3
2. Midnight club 3 dub remix

Both had some lag in audio and the FPS drops blew 40 sometimes. Using speedhacks with mgs did help a little bet but made the game unplayable it only helped in the cut scene.

My system specs are:
CPU i2500K @ stock (I am going to OC as soon as I get my new cooler)
AMD Asus 6950 DCII @ (OCed/unlocked with a modded BIOS) - Core 950MHz - Memory 1400MHz

So do you think that my pc should run these games at full speed? I spent a lot on it lol Blush.

Please tell me if I did something wrong or didn't provide enough information. I have been to the guide before posting and tried them. Thanks in advance.


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as soon as you overclock that beauty, your specs will be enough xD

seriously, you need to be clocked to at LEAST 4ghz to be looking at full speed.
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Thank you very much for fast reply I am glad to hear this Laugh. Thanks again cheers!
Okey now since I have overclocked my CPU to 4.5 Ghz(long time ago). Still I got many compatibility issues. First the fact that it's not playable without speed hacks. Secondly many garbage that appears on screen on certain places, particularly on water surfaces, and finally, despite the fact that speed hacks are on there is still lag in the final part of the game(in Groznyj Grad). The same thing still exist in the newest beta version just saying so that the developers will look into it in the future.

Thanks you for this great program Laugh
Game was unplayable with my normally clocked i7 930, @ 4ghz I got solid 60FPS for gameplay in the areas that I checked, but the cutscenes were still bad (some going down to 20-40 fps), I figured a Sandy bridge i7 will be able to handle those but guess not.

Good thing is that MGS2, MGS3 & PW will be released in HD in November (officially announced for both PS3 and 360), that just saved me a lot of headache trying to get the thing playing well on PCSX2 lol.
damn what about pc? I don't have ps3 nor xbox will do a research now thanks for the info mate.
No problem man, I'm so hyped about this, November will be a crazy month this year:
MGS collection, MW3 (it doesn't interest me anymore but the game is big), Skyrim, Uncharted 3, AC3 !!!!

MGS interests me the most since it's my all time favorite series, gotta unlock those new trophies Tongue.

Anyway so far unfortunately it doesn't seem like it's coming to PC:

Kojima recently spoke about making his content available to as many people as people so if HD collection didn't get ported to PC, his future games using his new "Fox engine" probably will.

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