MH2 Dos Optimum Xbox Contoller Sensitivity
Hi everyone! Just wondering what is the most suitable sensitivity for a xbox 360 controller for MH2 Dos, the standard settings work fine but it seem the directions are a bit wacky, if im working towards the screen and dodge left, it goes the other direction, but the main issue is sensitivity, my character will walk if I press a vertical direction. The game works fine though, no lag what so ever. Thanx

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I set the sensitivity somewhere around 1.408.

You might want it a little different for another game, but see where it feels best to you. Smile

On your "wacky control" thing: Did you check XInput for the device when configuring?
Thank you for the quick response, just two more things though. Should I leave the dead zone 200? Including every game that I play or are should I leave it standard? and I have a directional problem, seems that left is right and vice versa if im rolling when facing towards the screen.
On deadzones: Do you feel you're having to push the joystick too far before it reacts? Or vice versa?
Sorry, I cant explain properly, uhm, the 1 problem is that if im walking upright for eg and change directions immediately it kind of stops before reacting, my character kinda jerks a little. lol and the other issue is more complicated to explain, eg if Im facing towards the screen and i want to do a side roll to the left, it goes to the right. Sorry if im not making any sense, but i think it has to do with "flip" directions.
The "flip" of directions? You mean like the way Resident Evil games have you control movement from a 1st person perspective, even when the camera causes them to become backwards (i.e. left then moves to the right)...?

Maybe you could clear all your Lilypad settings, set XInput (not DirectInput) in the general tab, then re-configure your controller.

Thats exactly what I mean, thanks, I'll give it a shot.

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