MKA- Game Crashes before Starting?
Well first of am new so am not sure if am doing this correct or not, i have dumped the bios of a ps2 the file name is SCPH-70012.nvm

Second i have a copy of MKA - Mortal Kombat

Now when i run the game all i see is the sony splash screen when you turn on a PS2 as it suppsoe to go to the menu it crashes?

I have no messed around with any settings cause i don't know what to do.

But also if this helps for anyone willing to help here are my cpu specs

AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Pro 5200+
2.7 GHz!
1Gig Nvidia Graphics Card
2Gig Ram

Also is this game running at normal or full speed?
I seen th elist and it's Compatible but has anyone run it with full speed? If so tell me your settings please?

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u can try the ZeroGS Grpahics plugins. I had this problem with the Gsdx. ZeroGS worked for me.

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