MKA failing to load saved game
Hi guys,

Forgive me if this is an old issue or something but I did some searching and couldn't find anything of use.

I've been playing through Mortal Kombat Armageddon just fine for the last few days (runs pretty damn well apart from some minor slowdown during one on one fights). Each time I booted the game it loaded my saved data no problem, except now that's decided to just stop working and says there's no MKA saved data on my memory card. When booting the BIOS and exploring the memory card it shows there is in fact a MKA save file there, for what ever reason it's just not recognising it. I haven't screwed around with any settings.

Any idea why this may be? I seem to remember this happening a while back when I first went to play through the Konquest mode, which is why I probably gave up on it, and now that it's happened again, Im not sure I can face reattempting another playthrough only for it to happen again....

Is there any chance of saving my game data or has it just suddenly become corrupt or something? 

Thanks in advance.

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What memory card type are you using?
Uh, just the standard 8Mb type the emulator generates I think? It has the .ps2 file extention.

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