MLB 08: the show...color problem
Alright guys, just gotta say...great work. I've been using emulators for a while and could never find one to work with ps2 games. Definetly helps me out when I'm away from home.

Alright, so more or less I can gt FFx and FFxii working decently on my laptop. When I tried with MLB 08, its very jumpy...and occasionally the colors will completely bug out to the point where its illegeble.

I've tried ZeroGS' plugin as well as GSdx9's with the same results. I have configured both of them and changed many of the settings and nothing has changed. My system is below. Any help would be great guys.. thanks!

Intel core 2 duo 2.4Ghz
Nvidia 8600m gt 256mb
Vista Home

(yes its not the best, but it works with other games)

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bump....any help guys??
Please post more details, PCSX2 config, plugin configs...
My guess is, that you have activated VU Skip. Try deactivating it, it tends to break some games.

You can also try the new beta version, especially the new playground version.
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havn't tried the new version...still using 9.4

for ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.1

Interlace Enabled
2x AA
1280x720 widescreen

same problem

when i switch to

GSdx 846 (SSSE3) 0.1.9

Res - 1440x900
Reder - D3D 10 (Hardware)
No Interlacing
16:9 aspect
Texture filtering enabled
wait Vsync enabled
D3D res - native

VU skip isn't activated...just set on limit

i'll try the playground version when I get home....can I download that from the website??
no difference on playground version...going to try testing a little more tonight

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