MLB 09 The Show
Strange. Seems to run for me only the first time I try it with a new revision. After that it will always hang right before the main menu. Tried several revisions and configurations to no avail.
If I remember correctly, there has been an entry in the screenshots thread a while ago (configuration included), but I´m unable to find.
Any help appreciated!

PC: Core2Duo@ 2,8 Ghz - GF 8800GT 512@Stock - 2 GB Ram

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hi guys, i notice you got it to work tho, which is far more than i ever got.

works fine til i get to actually bat or pitch, then the play by play and the game itself go into super slow-mo, everything is distorted.

could you please share what settings you used to get it to work? i have basically the same specs as you, Sublevel47

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