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MLB 11: The Show. Anyone get it running smooth?
I've tried every combination of settings I can think of.

My pc is

AMD x4 phenom 3.2ghz
4gb ddr3

The game will run ok, but it plays slow. At times it is at 60fps, but when a pitch is made it slows down to a point where it is impossible to time properly. ALso there seems to be some lag in the controller input. I'm using a 360 controller.

I'd post my settings, but honestly I have none that I can say run the best. I just installed the 0.9.8 installer from the site, nothing else. Hoping someone has gotten the game to work well.

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Try Speedhacks for extra speed.Also Tick the Disable Framelimiting to get an fps beyond 60 fps.
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(05-27-2011, 04:25 PM)recoder Wrote: Try Speedhacks for extra speed.Also Tick the Disable Framelimiting to get an fps beyond 60 fps.

I've tried all the speed hacks. I can get well over 60fps, but at certain parts of the game like when a pitch is being hit, that moment, the slow down makes it unplayable.
All speed hacks WILL cause slowdowns... That's why they are speed hacks and not on by default. Specifically EE cycle rate and VU cycle steal can cause slowdowns if either or both are set too high.
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What you need to find is a good balance between speedhacks so that you get enough FPS and not any slowdowns at that full FPS, lowering the EE/VU cycle speedhacks would help with the slowdowns at 60FPS.
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I also like to know as I get SlowDown when going to Highlights During the Game
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